Solo program of Shibopriya for 20 minutes at prime time in Mumbai Dooradarshan at the age of 10 years for a Kheyal presentation in Desh raag.
Got many awards as best singer in many competitions in Mumbai during her school and college days.
         Anchored many programs in Mumbai during festival times.
In very childhood days she accompanied with her Guru & Grand father, Sangitacharya, Pandit Shib Kumar Chattopadhyay, Sangitshastri, at All India Music Conference at Allahabad , organised by Prayag Sangeet Samiti,Allahabad and sometimes rendered her voice.
Shibopriya also performed in musical program in different European countries like England, Germany, Finland etc. during last 4/5 years.
Recently, on a musical tour in California, USA, during last Nabaratri, Durga Puja and Diwali times,2016, and performed there at 6 different cities, to the huge satisfaction of audience.
It is worth to mention that in a 9 days Navaratri Music and Dance Festival In Sunnyvale Hindu Temple and sang many Stotra path, Krishna & Mira Bhajans and other holy varieties. As A token of deep appreciation, the Chairman of the board of Trustee awarded her a Trophy in recognition of, one of the best singer and gave her a Trophy.
The Chief Priest, Chairman& President of Sunnyvale Hindu Temple Trust, Silicon Valley, California, USA,also very happily invited to visit her again in some other festival time for participation. Shibopriya was welcome to render her voice anytime , she visits USA.